Mikkel Kessler: I can become World Champion again

By: Team Kessler @ 08. May, 2014
Mikkel Kessler: I can become World Champion again

Following months of speculation, today, former five-time World Champion Mikkel Kessler announced his intentions to continue boxing and fight his way back to the top of the sport he loves.

"I've thought a lot about whether I should continue my career,’’ said Kessler. ‘’I became a father and I have a life outside of boxing that I really appreciate. I’ve got a special responsibility. So it was not a decision I took lightly.

‘’But I still feel I have something to prove. I hate to lose! And I lost my last fight against Carl Froch. Many thought that I would quit, but I owe it to myself and my fans to finish on top. My last performance showed that I still belong at the top. And I know that my fans believe in me.’

"I've talked with my team, the people around me, and they are ready to support me on the journey to become World Champion again.

"I still have a desire for boxing. I still love to train, and I believe that I can become a World Champion again. Now that I've made the decision, it's all in. I'm ready for all the big names out there. Whether it's Ward, Golovkin or Groves, I'm ready. A third fight against Froch, why not? I’ll be ready for that too.

"I'm not rusty, but it's been a while since I've boxed, so a fight in October or November would suit me best. At that point, I’d like to have a big fight.

"Like I said; it's all in now. There is no turning back and I believe that I can do it. You don’t become world champion five times, if you don’t believe in yourself."

Said promoter Kalle Sauerland: ‘’Mikkel proved in his last performance against Froch that he still belongs at the very top of the boxing world. He could have chosen to turn his back on the sport as he has won five World Championship belts and financially he has earned very well. 

‘’He is, however, a true fighter and is motivated through big fights. He still believes he has a point to prove and at his age and with his very conscious lifestyle he could still go on a while. His last performance certainly proves that he still has a lot to give. There are some great fights to be made.’’

Viasat has the exclusive rights for Mikkel Kessler’s future fights. The fights will be offered as pay per view on Viasat, Viaplay, TDC, YouSee and Stofa.

‘’We are pleased to hear that Kessler has decided to continue his career,’’ says Head of Sports at MTG, Peter Nørrelund. ‘’Our goal is continuously to offer the best sport to our customers, and Mikkel has shown several times, that he can thrill and turn on the biggest emotions in all of us who watches his fights. We are pleased to be able to present new, unforgettable fights with Mikkel Kessler, who has already shown, than he is one of the biggest athletes in Danish sporting history.’’

Further details regarding Kessler’s comeback fight will be announced shortly. 

(Photo Credit: Photo Wende)

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