Kessler vs Froch 3?

By: Team Kessler @ 03. June, 2014
Kessler vs Froch 3?

Congratulations to Carl Froch with the impressive eight round stoppage over George Groves. If possible, i´m more than ready to fight Carl for the decider, and I feel very confident that I will win that fight.

The fight in the O2 Arena a year ago, was not one of my best. I started out slow and had the chance to stop Froch in the eleventh round, but failed. That won´t happen again. No excuses though, Carl fought brilliantly, and I can´t take anything away from him. It was close, but he won the fight.

If Carl decides to retire, there´s still some potential exciting fights for me out there. Golovkin, Ward or even Chavez Jr. It´s no secret that I crave for the big fights. This will be my 50th fight and I want to make sure that the fans get the matchup they truly deserve.

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