The Viking Warrior retires

By: Team Kessler @ 01. February, 2015
The Viking Warrior retires

"I have thought long and hard over the options, which have been made available, but none of these options are enough to get me motivated.

My promoter has done a great job in creating these, but unfortunately the opportunities in the division are currently limited. I said at the time when I would fight on, that I would need the right fights to motivate me. This is not a question of money, in fact these offers have been for great purses, but it is about motivation. After all "If you aren't going all the way, why go at all"?

I need big events to make me train to get me to the standard that I have been used to presenting my fans with. I said I would like nothing more, than to avenge my loss against Andre Ward and also to have the decider against Carl Froch. 
These are fights that motivate me but for one reason or another, they do not want to fight me. I am always in training, it is part of my life, but I consider myself in a state of retirement.

Finally, I would like to thank all of my fans for supporting me through out my career. It has been an absolute pleasure stepping into the ring, home as well as abroad."

Mikkel "The Viking Warrior" Kessler 

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